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NOSZA (Non-profit Sector Analysis) Association’s main
objective is the improvement of legal environment for civil society.

NOSZA emphasizes the importance of independent, effective
and legitimate functioning of the non-profit organizations in a sustainable
and reasonably regulated environment. In order to achieve these goals, NOSZA analyses
and expounds related laws and practices and does advocacy actions.


Major legal developments affecting CSOs in 2017

2018. March. 31

March 2018
The year 2017 brought significant changes to CSOs in Hungary again regarding the regulation of their operation and registration. The package of laws adopted in late 2016 aims at the acceleration and simplification of the procedures relating to CSOs and substantively overwrote the rules of the Civil Code.



Service Providing CSOs

2018. September. 24

Five organizations working for civil society, poverty reduction, women's rights, human habitat and environmental protection join forces and find a common feature i.e. their service providing character. Their coalition coordinates their actions and ensure a regular dialogue on issues of relevance, principally on conditions how civil society organizations in Hungary operate.



Civil liberties versus radical movements

2008. December. 31

Here you can read the studies dealing with legal changes brought about by
radical movemets in Central and Eastern Europe. The project was
sponsored by the International Visegrad Fund.


Liuba Batembergska
C.E.G.A. Creating Effective Grassroots Alternatives Foundation(Bulgaria)


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